As you are searching for the best rug and carpet cleaning company to serve your needs, your biggest question must be: What is their cleaning process? As you research various companies, you will find that the majority of cleaners will put your rug into big machines to wash them. The problem with this is that delicate and customer rugs can be torn and ruined when put through this process. You want to avoid this type of care for your rugs and carpets.

What you want, is a customized cleaning experience that takes into consideration the quality, delicacy and unique attributes that your rug possesses. Harsh machines tempt to ruin your pieces, and the best washing technique that you will find is hand washing. You do not want to ruin the integrity of your fibers, colors and rug shape, so this is why we offer only hand washed processes for your rugs.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning's Unique Carpet Cleaning Experience in Westchester

Here are Carpet and Rug Cleaning Westchester, we will take you on a behind the scenes tour of what it looks like to clean rugs in our facilities. Here is what to expect if you were to peek into our facility:

Step 1: Inspection and Pickup of the Rug

Once we have received your call and set up an appointment, one of our professional and friendly team members will come to your home and meet you and your rugs. We will talk to you about the concerns and stains on your rugs to ensure that we give special attention to trouble spots.

Step 2: We Prepare Your Rug to Be Washed

We won't begin washing your rug until we have fully cleaned out the dirt and dust particles out of the fibers. This allows us to see exactly what we are working with and to customize our hand-cleaning processes especially for your rug's needs.

Step 3: Clean and Dry Your Rug

After we have decided the perfect cleaning process for your rug, we will put it through our specialized hand washing station to free it of all dirt, grime, stains and smells. It is during this step that we will treat the stains and problem areas. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, we will dry it to ensure that it does not develop any mildew or strange smells from the moisture.

Step 4: Final Inspection and Rug Delivery

Once we have cleaned and dried your rug, we will thoroughly inspect it to ensure that it is completely clean and smells fresh and passes our quality control standards. If it is ready to go, then we will bring it back and deliver it safely to your house.

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