The biggest worry that people have when planning to have their carpets cleaned and rugs cleaned, is "Who should I trust?" We understand that allowing someone into your home takes a lot of trust. Not only with allowing a stranger into your home, but also trusting your precious rugs and carpets to the care of another.

It is important that you hire a professional rug and carpet cleaner. You only want the most professional and experienced cleaners to work in your home. Here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning, we have over 7 decades of experience to back our work. Not only are we the best in our industry at what we do, but we are also friendly and caring experts that want the best for you and your home. If you want to set up a consultation or get an estimate, call our Westchester office at 914-303-9100 today.

Most Affordable Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Westchester

We know you want not only the best professional carpet cleaning services, but you also don't want to spend a fortune on getting your rugs cleaned. The good news is that we are also the most affordable cleaning service. We are not just focused on providing the best services, but we are also diligent to keep our prices at a reasonable and affordable price so that you don't have to worry about the cost of keeping your home and carpets cleaned.

Our quotes are thorough and clear, and you never have to wonder about hidden fees. You will know our prices up front, and before you commit. We will surprise you with our cleaning expertise, but never with our prices. Our team will work with your budget to provide you with the best carpet cleaning experience possible.

In addition to our affordable prices, our facilities are 100% insured, so you never have to worry about losing or ruining your rugs. You can get your rugs and carpets cleaned with the peace of mind that you're covered all around with our services.


Quality Rug Cleaning Facilities in Westchester & Expert Care

You may hesitate when you hear that we will be taking your rugs off site for cleaning, but we do it because we want to care for your rugs as well as we can. Within our excellent and professional facilities, we are able to provide top-quality cleaning services with our customized cleaning stations.

Our expert cleaners come with over 70 years of experience, and your rug will receive a customized cleaning experience based on its needs. We don't run a one-size-fits-all process, instead we take the time to pay attention and notice what your rug needs to restore it back to life, and then we choose which of our services will give it the care that you deserve.

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Are you ready for a fresh smelling home intact with wonderfully clean carpets are rugs? We are ready to hear from you and to provide you with an excellent customer service experience. After we return your rugs and carpets to life again, you'll be left to wonder why you didn't contact us sooner. You will be ready to enjoy your stain-free, spotless carpets and rugs with the confidence that you chose the best cleaners here at Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Westchester to meet your needs. Don't wait any longer, and call us today at 914-303-9100 !